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Move On Up to Achieve your Goals

Sunday morning, 7:15 am. Two teenage girls in hotpants are waiting for a train at one of Vienna’s urban railway stations, probably returning from Saturday night’s parties. When I come closer, I realise this is not a party outfit, they are wearing running gear, obviously heading for the Austrian Women’s Run. The train is also well populated with women chattering and laughing, many of them wearing plum coloured shirts – this year’s give-away for the participants. They all gather at Vienna’s Prater to join the Run.

The atmosphere is relaxed, warm-up with dance instructor Alamande Before keeps the participants dancing and moving even before they reach the starting line. When we wait for the starting signal a group of women beside me burst out into dance again. Good vibrations everywhere.

Around 18 000 women from all over the world came together last Sunday to take the challenge of a 5 km run. Youngest finishers were 9, the oldest 85 years old. Some were very well trained and achieved remarkable time scores. Others had started to do sports on a regular basis just recently and took it easy. But no matter how fast or slow you ran the track, the supportive and collaborative environment made everyone eager to reach the finish line and give their best.

This is also how I approach my consulting projects: there is a goal to reach and certain resources available. Sometimes the resources are not optimal, then I find solutions – together with the team - how to reach the target with what is there. A supportive and collaborative environment helps the team to outperform and reach even ambitious goals.

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Move On Up


Is an organic partner network of experts and consultants

Supports medical device and pharma development from idea to market (I2M)

Charlotte Reither

Founder and consultant

Former Senior Director Research and Development

Specialised in class III medical devices

Almost 20 years in industrial pharma R&D

PhD in pharmaceutical science

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Successful Development Projects

From Idea to Market

Inspiration - Structure - Decision


  • Organize and moderate ideation meetings
  • Include target/market perspective
  • Provide expert input:
  • Aesthetic Dermatology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Biopolymers


  • Review, update, generate process and SOP landscape (acc. ISO 13485, MDR, 21 CFR 820 - Design Control)
  • Project planning and project management
  • Risk analysis (acc. ISO 14789)
  • Technical documentation, design history file


  • Prepare and moderate decision meetings
  • Review and evaluate study results
  • Plan pre-clinical proof of concept studies
  • Define filter criteria

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