"[...]Dr. Reither established an extremely good relationship with her direct reports, peers and managers. She set clear directions for the group and rapidly established the priorities for the business [...]. She possesses a sound knowledge in all matters concerned with the development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices and applied her knowledge to good effect. [...] Dr. Reither possesses both clarity of thought and capacity to focus on the key issues, whilst conducting herself in  a personable and professional manner. Dr. Reither's skills could be well used by companies to make the development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices more efficient and effective."

Prof. Dr. Stephen Makin, VP Consumer Health R&D, Visiting Professor at King's College London

"Charlotte has a deep understanding of the science behind dermal fillers. It was a pleasure to work with her on highly innovative early development projects as well as product launches."

Dr. Rolf Bartsch, Plastic Surgeant

"I had the opportunity to work with Charlotte on a highly challenging process transfer project from R&D to manufacturing. Charlotte proved profound knowledge of the scientific and technical background as well as collaborative and solution focussed leadership skills. She is an expert in the field of hyaluronic acid based hydrogels and an absolutely reliable partner for complex tasks who is able to keep a team motivated throughout the project.

Dr. Michael Pfeil, VP Nonclinical Developement, former Site Head

"Charlotte is competent, knows how to structure projects and how to lead a team`[...]  she is experienced and I would clearly recommend her."

Dr. Uwe Schmidt, Senior R&D Manager

"Zusammen haben wir an diversen Projekten gearbeitet: - Sicherstellung der GMP Compliance im Entwicklungslabor - Erstellung einer Prozesslandkarte inkl. RACI-Matrix für Entwicklungsprojekte - Erstellung von SOPs/WIs im Bereich Design and Development von Medizinprodukten - Inspektionsvorbereitung , -durchführung und -nachbereitung Die Zusammenarbeit mit Charlotte war jederzeit sehr kollegial und von großer Wertschätzung sowie gegenseitigem Vertrauen geprägt."

Dr. Andreas Rose, Senior Quality Manager

"Charlotte [...hat] es in kürzester Zeit geschafft, die durch Umstrukturierungen stark geforderte Abteilung für sich einzunehmen und mit vielen innovativen und kreativen Ideen zu einem einheitlichen Team zu formen. Dabei hatte sie stets ein sehr gutes Gespür für die Bedürfnisse der einzelnen Kollegen. Die Zusammenarbeit mit ihr war sowohl fachlich als auch menschlich sehr bereichernd"

Dr. Alexander Fuchs, Senior Development Teamlead

Consulting Pharma and Medical Device Companies
Dr. Charlotte Reither